Unichem Ireland Pre-emergence weed control (Valdor Flex®)

Valdor Flex Weed Control

Glyphosate-free residual herbicide

Unichem are the sole distributor for Valdor Flex 500g in Ireland. If you are looking for a glyphosate-free residual herbicide to control weeds this is the product you need. Having a prepared plan is the first step to any successful weed control programme. This will save you time and money. Pre-emergence herbicides are an incredibly valuable tool in the amenity contractor’s and green keeper’s toolbox. Pre-emergence herbicides can be applied prior to weed establishment or when weeds are small and will prevent weeds from developing further. 

Weeds can be frustrating for both green keepers and landscapers in the spring and summer, as they grow unpredictably and can have safety implications if left to grow. These can include: 

  • Threats to public health – some species can cause blisters and burns when touched and can aslo be poisonous  
  • Causing the ground to become slippery which can lead to accidents 

Because of these problems, it’s important for contractors to successfully control weeds. 

How does Valdor ® Flex work? 

Valdor® Flex is a herbicide that controls a broad spectrum of weeds. When applied prior to germination, Valdor® Flex keeps the soil weed-free for up to 4 months by creating a dual barrier at the soil surface (see image below). The 2 active ingredients, Iodosulfuron and Diflufenican, complement each other and improve the result compared to applying the active ingredients individually. Utilising the latest generation of water dispersible granule (WG) formulation, Valdor® Flex quickly dissolves in water and stays stable in the tank for a minimum of 24 hours. Valdor® Flex is a pre-emergent herbicide so should be mixed with glyphosate or a fatty acid if weeds are present. 

Customer Testimonial Noblewood Landscapes

Bayer Science  

Unichem spoke with Bayer national account manager Greg Collins. He explains a few key factors when it comes to Valdor® Flex.  

Valdor Flex is a total residual herbicide suitable for landscapers. When applied prior to germination it will keep the area weed free for up to 4 months. The 2 active ingredients, Iodosulfuron and Diflufenican complement each other and improve the result compared to applying the active ingredients separately. Tank mixing with Roundup or a fatty acid will also give you excellent knockdown control when needed”.

Greg further discussed how effective Valdor Flex® is for golf courses and how it can be applied by green keepers around Ireland to control the weeds on and around the course.  

During my time as a greenkeeper unsightly growth around the base of trees was an issue we had to deal with each year. Valdor Flex is an ideal partner with Roundup to achieve season long control to keep all your areas around trees weed free. This will result in significant time and labour savings due to the reduced strimming requirement in these areas”. 

Application of pre-emergence herbicides  

Application of pre-emergence herbicides should be free from leaf litter and made on clean surfaces. As temperatures and weather conditions differ across Ireland, some contractors may need to apply earlier or later than others. The key thing is understanding when weeds usually grow or if weeds are already present.  

Unichem May Offer Valdor Flex® 

Unichem have an offer on for the month of May 2021. Purchase x2 Valdor® Flex 500g at full trade price and receive FREE 18lt Knapsack pressure sprayer worth €55.00 incl vat. Please see details below. For more information or to purchase contact Unichem. 

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