Unichem catalogue 2023

Unichem catalogue 2023

Unichem catalogue 2023 is here. Over 4100 exciting products on offer. Most importantly we have some exciting new products and ranges to show you this year. Including New Leaf Compost, Luxform Fairybell lighting, SoilWorx, Artevasi ceramic & terracotta, and Root Pouch. Along with many individual products within existing ranges.

Two new exciting ranges to watch out for this year

Made from sustainable, natural materials and totally free from peat. New Leaf Compost is the green choice for gardeners. Proven to promote soil health, enhance soil structure and drainage. Fuelling strong growth and optimum plant health. The range consists of the following products below:


Peat free, multi-purpose compost is the ideal compost for all your gardening needs. 100% Organic, sustainable and free from additives or fertilisers, our multi-purpose compost slowly releases the essential nutrients required to aid plant growth.


New Leaf Compost Peat Free Soil Conditioner is the ideal conditioner to use around the garden in beds and borders. Will improve existing soil by adding natural nutrients.

A natural and sustainable soil conditioner that can be applied as a mulch or mixed in with existing soil. Suitable for no dig gardening.


Vegetable Mix is the perfect compost mix for growing strong and healthy vegetables.


Multi-Purpose Compost is the ideal peat free compost for general planting, pots, containers and hanging baskets. New Leaf Compost contains essential natural nutrients for healthy plant growth. Perfect for planting trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials.


Peat Free Houseplant Compost containing natural nutrients for growing healthy indoor plants.


A natural fertiliser that enriches and nurtures the soil beneath. Their fertiliser is high in organic matter and carbon. Which cultivates the nutrients in the soil below, leaving a longer lasting impact on your land.

Poultry Manure Fertiliser, which is tried, tested and trusted. The Poultry Manure Pellets are safe easy to use feed for all your plants all year round. Second is the seaweed & poultry manure. Two of natures finest fertilisers blended together by SoilWorx in their own unique formula.

Unichem catalogue 2023

New customers can request a digital version of our 2023 Product Catalogue please click here. Hardcopy’s of the 2023 Catalogue are with your Reps, and they are currently handing out copies. 

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