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Do you have pest problems in your garden? Grazers animal repellent Ireland. Grazers produce a product range that is completely safe to nature, including humans, their crops/pets, and to all wildlife. Importantly this includes the very pests that the products are seeking to keep away
Garden Product Distributor Ireland
Irelands largest and longest serving wholesale distributor of gardening products: Garden Product Distributor Ireland, established in 1972. Unichem are a leading distributor within the wholesale industry. We represent many major brands. Across the following industries: Gardening, agriculture, horticulture, golf and amenity sectors. Unichem are very
This blog will discuss, Natugro for professional sports turf. Koppert, NatuGro products work in an integrated way. Mainly in promoting and supporting a healthy relationship between the grass, soil and microbial soil life. The NatuGro programme will allow you to reduce your reliance on traditional
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