Rootgrow the first and currently the only plant or soil treatment to be licensed by The Royal Horticultural Society

Establishment in difficult soils

Adding mycorrhizal fungi into difficult soils will enable plants to establish and thrive. In poor sandy soils the mycorrhizal fungi will be able to find scarce nutrients and hold onto water. In clay soils these fungi will be able to release nutrients from the soil acting like a clay breaker. The benefits to plants are;

Better nutrient uptake. These fungi are so much finer and thinner than the plant’s own roots, they can therefore find nutrients in the soil far more efficiently than the plant’s own coarse roots.

They are especially good at finding nutrients responsible for flowering and fruiting such as Phosphorus and Potassium. As they can explore a much greater amount of soil than the plant’s own roots they are also far more likely to find trace elements and the rare nutrients that all plants need to grow well.

How rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi works

On average it takes between two and four weeks under normal conditions to start seeing the real benefits of fungi in the plants. In that time they attach themselves to the plant’s root system and grow out rapidly into the soil, searching for nutrients and water. They essentially become part of the plant’s own root system.

Some of the benefits of rootgrow include:

  • It has superior plant establishment with better natural vigour
  • Overcome re-plant problems more successfully
  • Have better developed root systems
  • Are better able to cope with conditions of drought
  • Plants will be supported for their entire lifetime after a single application

Drought tolerance

Mycorrhizal fungi are an essential part of a plant’s ability to combat drought. Leaves and stems have developed mechanisms to combat drought such as silver leaves, waxy leaves and hairy leaves but these adaptations on their own aren’t enough if the plant doesn’t have its friendly fungal partner on its roots.
Mycorrhizal fungi hold onto water in soils like a sponge.

Products Available

RHS BRANDED ROOTGROW: Size available – 60g/150g/360g

Supported for their entire lifetime after a single application.


Mycorrhizal fungi are essential to soil life, continually growing outwards from the roots of a treated plant into the soil finding new sources of nutrients and water.

ROOTGROW PROFESSIONAL: Size available – 2.5lt /5lt/10lt

Suitable for garden designers, landscapers and private individuals with large gardens or planting projects.

RHS BRANDED ROOTGROW WITH GEL: Size available – 360g

Empathy rootgrowTM gel, for bare rooted plants, contains rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi granules with a separate sachet of dipping gel powder.

Available across Ireland

Unichem distribute empathy rootgrow to garden centres across Ireland. If you cant find any in your local garden centre. Drop us a message, on our contact page and we will be glad to help and point you in the right direction.

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