Racan Pest Control

Racan Pest Control


Racan pest control is a new Rat & Mouse Killer to the Irish market. Distributed across Ireland by Unichem. Racan is a leading rodenticide brand and is manufactured by Lodi UK. The brand features ‘multi-packs’ display options, all-weather single-feed blocks, and the latest packaging design. Explore the Racan range with Lodi’s Rapid, Force, and Dife products including the fastest active ingredients for controlling mice.

It has patented micro-encapsulation technology. A truly unique breakthrough range which can control mice within minutes.

RACAN FORCE PASTE sachets 150g pack (15x10g sachets)

Highly attractive 10g sachets of paste bait active Brodifacoum. Contains a number of mulched cereals mixed with peanut oils.

Encouraging rodents to feed and ensure quick control. Paste and Cereal baits are the most used baits by professional pest control companies throughout Ireland and Europe. Due to their attractively and potency. Brodifacoum is a strong ‘single feed’ active that ensures a lethal dose is hit within one mouthful. Each 150g pack can control up to 50 rats.

RACAN RAPID MOUSE BAIT SACHETS 80g pack (8x10g paste sachets)

Mouse bait sachets have been formulated to ensure the fastest form of mouse control available on the market. Where as most baits on the market take up to a week or two to control mice. Bait sachets are formulated with the LODI owned active ingredient ‘Alphachloralose’. That can control mice within minutes to hours. Alpahchloralose is unique in that it reduces the body temperature of mice causing them to fall asleep and then fall into a terminal coma. If the environmental temperature is mild too cold the effects can be seen within minutes and if its warmer it might take a few hours. Each 10g sachet can kill up to 50 mice.

How it works

Active ingredient Alphachloralose is uniquely encapsulated. A lethal dose of bait is hit with just one feed mouthful. Making it the fastest and most effective bait available. Used by the largest pest control companies around Europe. There is no risk of secondary poisoning with Alphachloralose. Bait is formulated in easy to use sachets. This is placed in a secure mouse bait station) with hazelnut attractants to lure mice to the bait.

Red bait blocks produced with multiple ‘nibble edges’ to encourage rats and mice to feed. Formulated using over 8 cereal baits. Compressed with sugars and attractants to be very attractive to rodents. Produced with a hole through the middle of the block so that consumers can secure safely in bait stations. Formulated with the active ingredient difenacoum a multi feed active.

RACAN FORCE GRAIN Sachets (Rats and mice) (150g pack (6x25g sachets)

Highly attractive 25g sachets of sleeved oats containing the active Brodifacoum. Extensive tests have proven that oats are one of the most attractive cereal baits too rats and mice which ensures that they will feed quickly on the baits. Brodifacoum is a strong ‘single feed’ active. Ensuring a lethal dose is hit within one mouthful. Each 150g pack can control up to 50 rats.


Firstly sachets are trapped inside the station. Ensuring mice cant pull the bait out of the station. A key is used to open the stations and are fully reusable. That is secured on the side of the station. Two of the bait stations are pre-baited with the unique RACAN RAPID Micro-encapsulated bait. Ensuring fast and effective control.

Once the baits have been eaten or need replacing. Then you can refill with RACAN RAPID Mouse bait sachets using the key provided.

Stock Racan Pest Control

Racan pest control is in stock now. If you want more information or to stock any of the Racan range please contact your Area Rep. New enquires, please fill in the contact form on the contact us page.

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