New Seed Supplier for 2022 Royal Seeds 

Royal Seeds Unichem Ireland

New Seed Supplier for 2022 Royal Seeds 

Royal Seeds going from strength to strength!!

Our new seed supplier, has been excellent feed back on the “large seed count”. In each Royal Seeds pack from customers, compared to other competitors. The Royal Seeds range offers great margin, simple pricing and quality seed. All seeds have a long sow by date.

Take a look below at the different variety’s on offer. Across Vegetables (84 variety’s), Herbs (20 variety’s), Peas and Beans (11 variety’s), Flowers (52 variety’s).

Vegetables seeds

Unichem Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Variety’s Available

Artichoke Verte Globe, Asparagus Mary Washington, Aubergine Violet Lunga. Aubergine Black Beauty, Beetroot Egitto Migliorata, Beetroot Tonda Di Chioggia. Broccoli Ramoso Calabrese, Brusselles Sprouts Mezzo Nano, Butternut Squash Butternut.

Round Head Cabbage, Copenhagen, Cabbage Round Head, Bianco Langedijker. Dauer, Carrot Berlikumer, Carrot Nantes, Cauliflower Palla.

Di Neve, Cauliflower Di Jesi, Cauliflower Romanesco Natalino. Cauliflower Red Di Sicilia Violetto, Celery Dorato D’asti, Celery Sedano Groene.

Corn Salad Olanda S.g, Courgette Nero Di Milano, Courgette Romanesco. Courgette Zucchin.striat.d., napoli Maxi, Cucumber Marketmore, Cucumber Melon Carosello Di Polignano.

Curled Endive A Costa Bianca, Fennel Montebianco, Fennel Romanesco. Kale Nero Di Toscana, Kohlrabi Violet De Vienne, Leaf Chicory Foglie Larghe.

Leaf Chicory Red Rossa VeronaTardiva. Leek Porro Carentan, Leek Lungo Della, Riviera Lettuce, Lollo Bionda, Lettuce Lollo Rossa, Lettuce Salad Bowl, Lettuce Red Salad Bowl.

Lettuce Butterhead Sant’anna, Lettuce Butterhead Trocadero La Preferita. Lettuce Crispy Regina Dei Ghiacci, Lettuce Iceberg Great Lakes, Lettuce Red, Butterhead.

Quattro Stagioni, Lettuces Cut & Come Mixed, Melon Cantalope Di Charentais. Mix Four Season Greens, Cut & Come Mixed Onion Borettana. Dorata Di Parma. Onion Red Rossa Di.firenze. Onion Red Tropea Rossa Tonda, Onion Spring White Lisbon, Pepper Bell Quadrato D’asti, Rosso.

Pepper Bell Yolo Wonder, Pepper Chilli Cayenna, Pepper Chilli Friggitello F1. Pumpkin Quintale Seme Giallo, Pumpkin Muscade De Provenza.

Pumpkin Green/Yellow Tonda Padana, Radish Cherry Belle, Radish Saxa, Radish Long Flamboyant, Rocket Rucola Coltivata, Romaine Cos Lettuce Grettona.

Romaine Lettuce Biona Degli Ortolani, Savoy Cabbage San Giovanni. Savoy Cabbage Di Verona, Spinach Matador, Spinach Gigante De Invierno. Sprouting Brocolli Sessantina, Sprouting Brocolli Sessantina S.marzano.

Swiss Chard Argentata, Swiss Chard Bionda Da Taglio. Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino, Tomato Marmande, Tomato Roma Vf, Tomato Pantano Romanesco.

Tomato Rio Grande, Tomato Cherry Principe Borghese. Turnip Milan Purple Top, Turnip White Turnip, Watermelon Anguria Crimson Sweet, Wild Rocket Rucola Selvatica, Witloof Chicory Cicoria Witloof.

Herbs seeds (20 Variety’s)

Herbs Unichem
Basil Fine Green, Basil Classic Italian, Borage Borragine, Chamomile Common Camomile, Chervil Common Chervil, Chives Erba Cipollina.

Cress Common Cress, Dill Aneto, Fennel Wild Fennel, Lavender Lavander Vera, Lemon Balm Lemon Balm, Marjoram Marjoram Annual, Oregano Oregano.

Parsley Curly Moss Curled, Parsley Flat Leaf Gigante D’italia, Pepper Mint Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon Dragoncello, Thymus.


Climbing French Bean: Blue Lake, Climbing French Bean: Marconi, Dwarf Bean: Borlotto Red/White Mix
Dwarf French Bean Faraday, Dwarf French Bean Slenderette.

Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen, Mangetout Carouby, Pea Misty, Pea Progress, Pea Rondo, Runner Bean Spagnone Mix.


African Marigold Tall Mix, Ageratum Nano Blu Star, Alyssum Violet Nano Violet Queen, Alyssum White Nano Tappeto DiNeve, Aquilegia Multicolor. Aster American Beauty, Aster Cinese Semplice, Aubretia Blue/Lilac, Calendula Officinalis L.: Doppi Fiesta Multicolour.

Campanula Canterbury Bells: Grandiflora Mixed, Celosia Cristata L. Cristata, Chrysanthemum Piretro Robinson’s
Coleus Multicolor. Convolvulus Bella Di Giorno, Cornflower Double, Cosmos Grandiflora multicolour.

Daisy Margheritina O Leuc.gig.maxi, Dianthus Carnation: Chabaud Double Mixed, Digitalis Foxglove Multicolor, Forget Me Not Blue Flower, French Marigold Short Mix.

Gazania Multicolor Mix, Godetia Double Mix, Gypsophila White, Helicrysum Double Mix, Impatiens Bizzy, Lizzie Brido Mix, Larkspur Corono Mix. Lobelia Crystal Palace, Lupin Multicolour, Mesembrianthemum Multicolour
Nasturtium Small Mixed, Nasturtium Climbing Mix. Ornamental Cabbage, Multicolor, Pansy Large Mixed.

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