Marathon Fertilisers Distributed By Unichem Ireland

(Patented long lasting organo-mineral fertiliser)

This range of slow release turf grass fertilisers provides long lasting, balanced growth, without over-feeding. They are being used across many different areas, with great success after application. Some of which include lawns, sports turf pitches (GAA, soccer and rugby), horse race courses, public parks, golf courses and around airports. Full range available from Unichem.

Sport Marathon

Marathon  Sport Fertilisers
Marathon Sport available from Unichem

First in our range we have a slow release organo-mineral fertiliser. Ideally for use on golf fairways, tees, surrounds, sports fields. Including ornamental lawns maintained at a height of 10mm or above.

As there is a high nitrogen content, it will keep turf well supplied with nutrients.

This is a patented organic complex base that provides the extended release characteristics needed for steady growth. Organic ingredients help to supply the correct balance of nutrients required by turf.

Marathon Allround Fertiliser

Marathon All round fertilisers
Marathon Allround Fertiliser available from Unichem

Second we have a versatile long release fertiliser for use on all outfield areas that provides a reliable growth response. Along with good colour for up to 3 months.

Patented nitrogen complex ensures steady growth. Using nutrient sources that avoid excess leaching and help prevent soft growth that can bring on unwanted disease attack.

Unique formulation boasts a low C:N ration. That actively stimulates the digestion of soil organic matter by soil microbes. Helping to establish healthy soil and recycling nutrients locked away in the organic fraction of the soil.

Autumn Sport

Marathon Autumn Sport Fertilisers
Marathon Autumn Sport
Fertiliser available from Unichem

Finally we have an extended release NK fertiliser containing sulphur, iron and a range of trace elements. You can use on golf fairways, tees, surrounds, sport fields and ornamental lawns. Maintained at a height of 10mm and above.

Autumn sport has an analysis with a low nitrogen and high potassium content. This will Provide the correct balance of nutrients for up to a three month period.

Organic complex base that provides the extended release characteristics needed to give gentle root development without producing excessive top growth.

Unichem distribute Marathon Fertilisers across Ireland. Drop us a message, on our contact page and we will be glad to provide you with prices or help with any questions you may have.