Jeyes Fluid Introduces Recyclable Bottle & New Formula to the Irish Market

Jeyes Fluid Introduces Recyclable Bottle & New Formula to the Irish Market

Jeyes Fluid, has been proudly keeping gardens clean for over 140 years. They are now leaping into the future with their new recyclable plastic bottle and updated formula. The new and improved revamped bottle will be more environmentally friendly. To the previous heritage tin bottle, that so many of us are familiar with.

The brown dye from the solution has been removed. This is to ensure application on all surfaces. Including lighter ones, without staining them. It can also now be used to tackle rust and limescale along with bacteria. 

Jeyes Fluid original is effective for indoor and out door use. Eliminating 99.9% of bacteria in garden and outdoor spaces. Including coronavirus SARS COV 2, from patios, paths, decking and cleans and deodorises drains. In its new eco-friendly form is a household essential.  

Jeyes Unichem Ireland

It can also be used on the following plant pots, containers, seed trays. As well as hanging baskets, greenhouses, garden tools. Animal housing and much more. 

Unichem are currently distributing the new Jeyes bottles to garden centres, hardware stores and agri merchants all over Ireland. The new Jeyes fluid original formula and packaging comes in three sizes. Jeyes fluid original retails at the following price points. (Please note prices may vary slightly depending on the store): 300ml, (RRP €7.99). 500ml (RRP €13.99) 1lt (RRP €54.99). Available to buy in all good garden centres, hardware stores and agri merchants. You can also purchase direct from Glanbia Country Life and Woodies DIY online.

If you have any questions regarding the new packaging or formula, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you wish to stock any Jeyes products. Contact your Unichem Area Rep or email  


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