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Felco Ireland

A Felco secateurs was reunited with its owner after being lost for the past fifteen years. For any one that has purchased a Felco they always remember there very first one. Jennefer, a keen garden enthusiast from South Dublin reached out to Unichem when she made the discovery of her beloved lost Felco Secateurs. This is what she had to say below:

Decades ago my grandmother gave me my first pair of Felco secateurs. So I treasured them for both practical and sentimental reasons. However about 15 years ago I lost them and only found them a few months ago buried and very much the worse for wear. The blades were rusted solidly together. I soaked them for months in oil, chipped off the rust and have managed to restore them to an almost working state. However I have been unable to rehabilitate the spring”.

Luckily for Jennefer all parts on her Felco secateurs are full changeable. Unichem offer a full Felco service and replaced the blades and spring as well as oiling and fully cleaning the secateurs to get it back to its former glory. Jennefer was delighted with results and was back in her garden using them once again.

Below are the photographs of Jennerfer’s secateurs after finding them buried and cleaning them up.

Lost Felco Ireland

We caught up with Jennefer to find out a bit more about her love of Felco and all things gardening. Here is what she had to say.

When did you get your first Felco?

I am not absolutely sure, but about 1979.

What type of Felco do you use?

I use a Felco 2.

When did you lose and find your Felco?

Well these particular Felco were given to me by my grandmother when we moved to a house with our first garden sometime in the 1970’s. So I was very sad indeed to lose them as they felt like more than just a tool. I am not absolutely sure of when I lost them – perhaps 15/16 years ago.

I found them recently well buried behind a large bush. They looked so bad that everyone said I should throw them out, the blades were completely rusted together. I tried to scrape them and force them open to no avail. So I put them in a jam jar of easing oil and put them in a cupboard.

A few months ago, I had one last try, taking an old screwdriver and chiselling off the rusty deposit on the blades and eventually managing to force them open. Then it was out with the wire wool and lots of elbow grease and to my amazement and delight they came up well, still sharp and good in the hand. Unfortunately I could not rehabilitate the spring but they did function.

What does Felco mean to you?

In short, I suppose it means quality and reliability. I do have other secateurs but I reach for the Felco by choice every time, the design of the handles is more comfortable, and they are lightweight.

What garden tool do you use the most in your garden?

My lightweight long handled fork.

Who first introduced you to gardening?

My mother – each of us four children had a small plot in the garden.

What is your favourite flower / plant or tree in your garden and why?

Wineberries – the only soft fruit I eat without sugar. You can’t buy them anywhere but they are really delicious. So easy to manage – cut out canes after fruiting tie in new, add a bit of manure and that’s it.

Does gardening give you enjoyment/satisfaction ?

Firstly I think because of the contact with nature and seeing how plants grow in spite of everything; even a quick walk in the garden gives me a more positive start to the day; I really enjoy being able to eat the fruit and veg from the garden as there is nothing quite like the flavour.

What are the biggest difficulties you face as a gardener and why?

I’m afraid these are personal and age-related, it’s harder to get down on my knees and up again and I’m much stiffer in the bending.

Would you recommend a Felco secateurs?

I certainly would, they stay sharp, are easy to maintain (a quick rub with wire wool and a little oil to finish) they fit well in the hand are very good and reliable and will last for decades. The fact that mine have come back from the grave is further proof of how good they are.

Get in touch

If you have a Felco and are based in Ireland. Please get in touch via our contact page. Unichem provide a service were you can get your Felco tool fully serviced for a fee.

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