DIY SOS (The big build Ireland)


DIY SOS (The big build Ireland)

DIY SOS (The big build Ireland). The show that gave the country a much desired lift. During what can be described as a challenging year for all. The three families that took part in the show captured the hearts of the nation. Along with showing how generous and selfless the Irish people are. The Presenter of the show Baz Ashmawy and his highly skilled team. Set out to renovate the homes and gardens of deserving families, that will change their lives forever.

Baz and his team along with hundreds of volunteers and suppliers. Have only a short period of time (9 days) to transform each of the families homes. The show is heavily reliant on volunteers, suppliers, tradesmen and the wider community. To help out and offer there time, skills, supplies and labour to help a family that they may not know. The show highlights the community spirt of individuals from all around Ireland. That come together for the greater good in helping families that are in need of some help. In transferring there house and garden into a home that will benifit there lives on a day to day basis.

DIY SOS (The big build Ireland) Three episodes all with a different story

In the first episode. Baz and his team set out to renovate the home of 13 year old Amy Mulcahy in Limerick. Aiming to make her comfortable in her home again after a serious accident. which has unfortunately left her in a wheelchair.

The second episode. Helps young widow Sinead and her three children. Move into the home her late husband never got to complete before he passed away.

The third episode. Baz and the builders are in Leixlip, Co Kildare. To transform the home of Dermot and Denise Guihen, whose eight-year-old twins Shay and Finn were born with a rare genetic disorder.

Garden designer Peter Donegan

Highly skilled and well know Irish garden designer Peter Donegan was the main man behind all three DIY SOS (The big build Ireland) garden designs. Peter reached out to Unichem for the Tipperary and Leixlip build. We were delighted that he did and we were more than happy to help out were we could.

Unichem first helped out on the second episode. Which was the Tippeary build. Peter had some great ideas of what he wanted to do. He wanted to incorporate a green house into the garden. Which could double up as a place were Sinead could sit down in the evening during a hot summers day and enjoy some peace and quite. While overlooking the beautiful garden and surrounding areas of where she lived.

Which green house to use?

The green house that Unichem installed was 10×8 in size, with a black frame called the halls eden green house. The large volume of air that can pass through ensures the perfect growing environment. It leaves enough space for a potting bench or table and chairs to enjoy the atmosphere inside the greenhouse.

The standard downpipes and large gutters can harvest a vast amount of rainwater, perfect for watering the many plants and veg that Sinead will be able to grow. Peter added some great features inside the green house. Beautiful pieces of Sinead’s late husbands wood. which are made into into shelfs and a seat. LED strips were also incorporated in the inside of the green house. This allowed for the green house to be visible at night.

Overall the green house was a small part of the garden. However we hope Sinead and her family enjoy many years of happy growing and joy inside the green house.

DIYSOS Ireland (The Big build Ireland) Tipperary build. Eden Halls green house. Unichem Ireland

DIY SOS (The big build Ireland) Leixlip build

Unichem also took part in the third episode of DIY SOS (The big build Ireland) Leixlip build.

The garden designed by Peter Donegan was smaller in size to the Tipperary build. However this never stopped peter in using his creative imagination to make the best garden he could. For any one that has watched this episode. The highly impressive”Colourful Spaceship” sits in the corner of the garden with pride. Craned over the Guihen family house it is an iconic piece in the garden. Used as a modern day tree house for the twins and there older brother.

Unichem contributed seeds and growing trays. That will be used to grow a vast array of vegetables and flowers inside the spaceship. Along with some garden tools such as Spear & Jackson, Haws watering can, Garden lake water butt , bird feeders and a Felco secateurs to keep there garden in top condition for years to come.

The finished house and garden was built to a very high standard. We would like to wish the Guihen family all the best for the future.

DIYSOS Ireland (The Big build Ireland) Lexlip build. Unichem Ireland

In Conclusion

Overall taking part in such a great show and contributing in a small way to help families that need it, was a true pleasure. The overall community sprit and contribution of volunteers and suppliers from all over Ireland shows the spirit of the Irish people that we are a selfless and thoughtful bunch. Well done to Baz, RTE, Sycamore Construction, Peter Donegan and every one else that was involved. Hopefully the show comes back next year to transform the lives of more deserving families around Ireland.

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