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Valdor Flex Weed Control

Unichem Ireland Pre-emergence weed control (Valdor Flex®)

Glyphosate-free residual herbicide Unichemare the sole distributor for Valdor Flex 500g in Ireland.If you are looking for aglyphosate-free residual herbicide to control weedsthis is the product you need.Having a prepared plan is the first step to any successful weed controlprogramme.This will save you time and

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Marathon Fertilisers Distributed By Unichem Ireland

(Patented long lasting organo-mineral fertiliser) This range of slow release turf grass fertilisers provides long lasting, balanced growth, without over-feeding. They are being used across many different areas, with great success after application. Some of which include lawns,sports turf pitches (GAA, soccer and rugby), horse

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